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Reflecting on NAAM: New Generation of Progress

Reflecting on the evolution of museums and their approaches to reaching new audiences, our thoughts on a new generation of professionals paving the way.

Kellogg's Virtual Event

Kellogg’s | Creating a Virtual Event

With the help of ECI’s NEXT Lab team, the Kellogg’s Away from Home K-12 team created their own proprietary, virtual event amidst the cancellation of the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference in summer 2020. This case study details their decision to go virtual, and ECI’s solutions for how to create a virtual event platform which provided a memorable and engaging attendee experience.

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Building Brand Equity – Literally

Managing a brand to increase brand equity is about using market research to monitor brand performance relative to competitors, and designing integrated marketing programs to increase share, solidify brand positioning, or any host of other strategic objectives.  

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Live Event

Virtual Event Planning Considerations

While there are many differences between virtual and physical trade shows, there are some notable similarities as well. Areas such as following a timeline, creating engaging content, and staying true to your goals are universal to both in-person and online events.

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Proprietary Event Planning Methodology

Whether you are planning an in-person event, a virtual event, or some kind of hybrid, there are some recommended best practices to follow to increase your odds of a successful event. At Exhibit Concepts, we follow our proprietary 4D Methodology – Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver

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Virtual Event Spectrum

There Isn’t Just One Virtual Event

One thing common among virtual events is that they take “place” online. After that, virtual and digital events cover a wide range of possibilities and formats, depending on your needs, objectives, audience and budget. The good news is that there is sure to be a virtual solution that fits your situation. 

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