Trade show program rfp template

So, you need a new trade show booth. Asking your peers for recommendations, looking in magazines and directories for award winners or searching Google for exhibit houses is a good place to start. But, if you aren’t ready to sign with a new partner based on a recommendation, your next step is likely writing a new build request for proposal (RFP). There is no industry standard for this type of request, but there are some key elements you should include to gather the best responses.

We created this Excel template to help you get started.

The Trade Show Program RFP Template is best for larger companies who attend multiple shows a year (commonly referred to as a program) and have extensive requirements for their exhibit house. This comprehensive template covers all aspects of business operations in depth to help you choose the best exhibit house. If you intend to move all your existing property to a new exhibit house, this is your template.

Need a simpler Trade Show RFP Template? Our Trade Show New Build RFP Template is just the thing; you can download it HERE

download the template