Our Why

So, you may be wondering, what makes Exhibit Concepts, Inc. different? Why ECI?

At Exhibit Concepts, we create an unforgettable visitor journey, focused on your goals and objectives. No matter your environment, we transform your spaces to tell your story, whether through in-person experiences or virtual, or a combination of the two.  We make your story unforgettable.



Our methodology: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver
Our proven methodology results in solutions that exceed client expectations, achieve better results, meet budget requirements, and reduces error and rework.



End-to-end solutions across all experiential environments
Working with Exhibit Concepts means you have one partner who understands your brand strategy and can carry brand continuity and message throughout any experiential environment.



It’s not confined to just one department; it permeates everything we do
We are creative problem solvers who rely on research, experimentation, and expertise to shape solutions and unique experiences—instead of chasing trends, we’re creating them.


Peace of Mind

Choosing a new partner is a huge feat. Let us take it from here...
We employ a cohesive process for welcoming our clients that ensures a smooth transition, establishes transparency of our operations, and sets the stage for superior service levels.



Professional, award-winning expertise in experiential environments
Start to finish, we’re here to make your story unforgettable. For 40+ years, customer service, honesty and integrity have been the core values inherent to the way we do business.

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