#ExperienceECI – Rethinking Service and Dedication

“Exhibit Concepts takes your dreams and ideas and turn them into reality. The creative genius and quality of work is beyond compare.”

2021 is coming to a close. This time of year, when one year is ending and a new one about to begin, it is a best practice to assess or reassess your business operations and partnerships. What areas need improvement? How satisfied are your clients? Are your business relationships “partners” or “vendors?”

At Exhibit Concepts, we’re asking ourselves those same questions. We are taking a deeper look to better serve you, our current and future clients.

We believe that we best serve our customers using our proven methodology, utilizing our full slate of comprehensive face-to-face tactics, exercising creativity, supplying peace of mind, and instilling confidence.

We have been providing that level of service since we were founded by Ned Brown in 1978. Since then, we have continually evolved to keep up to date with technology and to better serve clients’ modern needs.

We recently put our theories to the test, conducting a brand survey to find out why Exhibit Concepts is trusted with projects, branded environments, and experiential spaces. We reached out to all our clients across all lines of business and here are some of the findings:

trust that we will expertly deliver their project on time
0 %
think we deliver creativity, technology, and peace of mind​
0 %
agree that our methodologies are proven effective
0 %

Do you have that level of trust in your provider?

Going beyond the numbers, when we asked, “What does Exhibit Concepts do better than their competitors?” Our clients responded with:

“Exhibit Concepts is much more customer oriented than other similar vendors I've worked with. They understand the project requirements and are extremely creative in providing a solution that meets the need.”
“Quite simply - Exhibit Concepts takes care of it all, from beginning to end!”
“The consistency in the project delivery, set up, showtime service, and follow up that keeps us as a returning client.”
“Your attention to detail is your game changer.”
“Customer service and account attention is unbelievable.”
"Exhibit Concepts is great at being partners rather than vendors.”

Additionally, our clients praised our support, capabilities, flexibility, quality, timeliness, and price.

Where do we go from here?

As we continue to reflect on how we can best serve you, one thing you can be sure of, our dedication to you and your project. At ECI we believe that we aren’t successful unless you are successful. In addition to our unparalleled customer support, technological innovation, and attention to detail, we take a unique, holistic approach with a focus on your visitors’ journey and powerful storytelling.

Speaking of technological innovation and powerful storytelling, take a look at the latest work coming from our NEXT Lab team. They’re re-imagining how technology can play a role in your next experience. Or download our virtual strategy infographic to help guide your next approach to event planning.

As always, our door is open, you can learn more about our work or connect with us to find out how we can best serve you.


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