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A small number of trade show designers and producers also fabricate museum exhibitry. Companies that specialize in trade show management have expertise in understanding how to interpret specific show regulations, how to design a structure for repeated installations and dismantles, how to optimally design crates to safely protect the content, and how to develop engagement strategies to most effectively tell the brand’s story. Those companies that also design and fabricate museum galleries and exhibits bring unique expertise that can be leveraged in the trade show environment.


Museum designers and interpretive planners are particularly skilled at storytelling. They are trained to examine the artifacts in a collection, conduct additional research and working with the museum professionals, effectively communicate a message designed to educate and inspire.


Going hand in hand with storytelling, is a deep understanding and appreciation for the attendee journey. This often starts before the museum visitor enters the galleries on the website, parking lot and entry. All of these touchpoints are considered essential parts of the overall experience for the attendee in addition to the order of the galleries and the path that attendees follow. Careful consideration is given to accessibility for all abilities.


Going hand in hand with an emphasis on accessibility, museum designers and fabricators make concerted effort to involve as many senses as possible throughout the museum. The more senses that are involved, the more intense and memorable the experience will be. This effort is not only about making a memorable experience, but are used to enhance the experience.


Museums incorporate a number of interactive elements to teach and inspire. The technology might be quite simple or incredibly sophisticated. In addition to specialization developing interactives that support the story, they also are crafted to withstand the test of time.


Museum exhibits require routine maintenance such as cleaning and painting. In general though, they are anticipated to last between 7 and 10 years without requiring major refurbishment. Most museums are opened nearly every day of the year with thousands of visitors passing through every month. That is a lot of wear and tear on the exhibits. Companies that design and build museum exhibits offer a higher level of quality craftsmanship.


Diversification can be a benefit to any business to prevent a downturn in one area of the business to affect the overall stability of the company. Exhibit houses that have other lines of business are better positioned to withstand the economic impact of a shutdown such as being experienced with the COVID19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Exhibit Concepts, Inc. is one of those companies with a rich history designing and fabricating trade show exhibits, corporate interiors and museums. Our first major museum project was the National Afro-American Museum & Cultural Center in Wilberforce, OH. The museum opened to the public in April 1988, so for 32 of our 42 years, museums have been an integral part of our portfolio. Exhibit Concepts is a premier designer and producer of experiential environments: trade shows, museums, corporate interiors and early childhood education centers. We bring our storytelling expertise, knowledge of the attendee journey, belief in multi-sensory experiences, development of engaging interactives and above all, superior quality craftsmanship to all of our clients in all industries. Our passion is making our client’s story unforgettable.


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