National Museum of the Pacific War: The Admiral Nimitz Gallery

Admiral Nimitz Gallery

Fredericksburg, Texas is a town steeped in tradition and history. While it’s known for many things, most notably it is the birthplace of a man who would shape the very outcome of our nation’s history: Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.

It was in that spirit that the Admiral Nimitz Foundation was established in 1964, to support a museum honoring Fredericksburg’s native son. General Nimitz was the Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, Pacific Ocean Areas, and Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II.

His bravery and leadership came at a critical time in WWII, along with the courageous men and women who fought in the war. The National Museum of the Pacific War stands as a tribute to all who dedicated their lives during the war. It’s tasked with keeping their stories, and their sacrifices, alive.

When it came time to create this monument to honor those men and women who served, the National Museum of the Pacific War sought a partner to bring those stories to life. Museums aren’t just monuments to the past, they are absolutely essential in keeping stories and memories alive. They educate and inform future generations, telling tales of bravery and reminders of human courage.

Exhibit Concepts is honored to play a role in bringing those stories to life in a meaningful way for the museum. ECI has worked with the National Museum of the Pacific War for over a decade, first helping the museum to expand the George H. W. Bush Gallery in 2009, fabricating the Pacific Combat Zone in 2017, and most recently fabricating the displays for the recently opened Admiral Nimitz Gallery.

That long-standing relationship between Exhibit Concepts and the Admiral Nimitz Foundation was absolutely vital in continuing to tell the story at the museum, named the fifth-best history museum in the United States in 2020 by USA Today readers. That relationship extends to the design firm DG Studios and Boston Productions, partners for all phases of the museum’s expansion.

“It was crucial for this new gallery to be approachable for every visitor, regardless of age,” said Rorie Cartier, Museum Director, National Museum of the Pacific War. “We needed a universal experience with videos, interactives, and most of all: bringing this incredible story to life in a meaningful way. Exhibit Concepts did just that with the Nimitz Gallery, and each of the other projects we’ve worked on together.”

Heroes live among us. They serve the greater good–running toward danger and dedicating their lives to a higher purpose. The Nimitz Gallery and the National Museum of the Pacific War tell the story of heroes. These are tales of courage and bravery that remind us all that we need each other, and we need to preserve these stories now, more than ever.


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