How a Futuristic Booth Let Products Steal the Show

Take yourself back to childhood: you’re sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons. The Jetsons are on, and you’re in awe of the futuristic setting where cars can fly, food is concocted out of thin air by machines, and robots are members of the family. That’s what Senior Designer Chris Rank was thinking about when he designed a futuristic booth for our client RCS Sound Software for their space at NAB 2019.

For the last six years, Exhibit Concepts has worked with RCS on their booth design and overall presence at NAB. When they came to us with a new idea to position their product, Zetta Cloud, we were ready to take on the challenge. The goal was to position the new cloud-based solution with a futuristic and minimalistic look.

The original booth design for RCS was based on the concept of an infinite loop. That booth won Best in Show at NAB 2018. Working closely with the client, Rank transformed the original design into a “metaphorical cloud”.

“When I was running the design by people on the team, they told me it looked like something they’d see on The Jetson’s. When you get feedback like that, you know you’re on the right track because you’re showing a visual metaphor that’s being ground into reality for people. You’re making the design memorable and helping the business stand out,” said Rank.

In addition to the structure itself, Rank played with futuristic lighting that projected on fabric to create a cloud-in-motion effect. Inside of the booth, work stations and a demonstration bar for small group presentations were set-up to draw visitors. Any spectators would also enjoy a lounge theater set-up and larger demonstrations in front of the booth on a large screen.

And of course, the design assured that mixers and speaker equipment were integrated to provide visitors with an impactful AV experience to optimally showcase RCS’s product line.

The outcome? By accommodating RCS’s needs and sticking to the minimalistic design, this booth allowed RCS’s Zetta Cloud Solution to shine, which earned them the “Future Best of Show” award at NAB.

When our clients have a dream or an idea, Exhibit Concepts looks to the sky to create something that will create a memorable experience for their prospects and allow for their product to steal the show.


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