Channelview ISD, a Texas-based school district, has taken an advantageous approach to enhance early literacy engagement. Led by district Superintendent Dr. Tory C. Hill, Channelview ISD is embarking on a mission to bring literacy to students during school and, just as importantly, outside of school hours, hoping to foster a love for literacy from early childhood through graduation. 

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the district identified the need for a mobile literacy solution that could reach students in various parts of the district, especially during breaks and holidays. The Literacy Bus, a collaborative effort between Channelview and Exploration Zones by Exhibit Concepts, Inc., was born.

Remodeled from a typical transportation school bus, the Literacy Bus features a captivating reading-themed external mural (designed by a Channelview student!) and is stocked with a wide range of books, catering to children from infancy-age to high schoolers. Inside, students are welcomed into an engaging environment where they can choose books based on their interests and participate in word-building activities. 

The Literacy Bus is not just about books; it’s about creating an immersive learning experience that nurtures a love for reading and learning and building a child’s at-home libraryThe Bus meets students where they are, providing access to books and literacy resources directly in their communities. With a focus on community collaboration, the funding for the bus was made possible through a partnership with a district partner that shared Channelview ISD’s values for accessibility and early literacy. Leaning into accessibility even further, when a child visits The Literacy Bus, the books they choose are not to borrow or loan, but to take home and keep. 

The success of the Literacy Bus extends beyond Channelview ISD, as the district plans to host info shares and tours to other local districts, aiming to spread the innovation and benefits of this unique literacy initiative. 

 Join us in celebrating Channelview ISD’s commitment to literacy and learning! Click below to read the full case study and learn more about this inspiring project.  

For information on obtaining a tour or project information from Channelview, you may contact LaKeisha LeBlanc, As Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.


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