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As we are all keenly aware, hitting our sales and marketing goals during the global pandemic is challenging.  We have relied on face-to-face marketing to generate sales and leads but are now forced to find alternate means to hit these goals. All the while, we are trying to stay connected with our audience 

This is a big deliverable—finding new tactics to meet goals while maintaining contact and establishing new relationships. And you may think easier said than done but is it?  

Exhibit Concepts has solutions to keep connections happening. Solutions which will help you hit your marketing goals and do it in a way which is safe and on-brand—safety doesn’t have to be boring!  

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In response to this situation, Exhibit Concepts has officially kicked off the virtual series, Connections Happen. Here. There. Anywhere. 

The series is meant to help you: 

  • rethink your approach to design
  • evaluate how people experience your brand 
  • take inventory of your audience 
  • analyze your company’s response to COVID  
  • maximize your current real estate 
  • complete a situation assessment 
  • identify potential opportunities 
  • …and much more 

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PART 1:  

We kicked off Connections Happen: Part 1 in mid-October with Ellen Kaminski, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Melody Schoonover, Creative Director. This was a quick and high-level overview introducing the intent of Connections Happen. Here. There. Anywhere. 


A few of the topics we covered are 

  • What should go into your situation assessment, 
  • Different channels to reach your target audience 
  • Evaluating your personas, 
  • Quality vs reactionary responses to COVID branded spaces, and  
  • Our five guiding principles in regards to safe design 
  1. We approach projects in a strategic, holistic way—just like we always have.
  2. We are up to date on safety best practices from a broad array of industries.
  3. We design spaces which intrinsically communicate a sense of confidence and safety.
  4. We develop environments which maintain brand integrity and are minimally invasive.
  5. We provide solutions which work both short and long term.

These are just a few highlights. To view the entire conversation, enjoy the video below.  

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It’s our mission to make your story unforgettable: here, there, anywhere. 


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