Faces of ECI: Meet Brandon Beeler

This “Faces of ECI” profile focuses on Production Scheduling Supervisor Brandon Beeler, who has been with Exhibit Concepts since 2017. From fabrication to the classroom, Brandon is opening up in our latest “Faces of ECI” profile.

When did your career at Exhibit Concepts begin?

My career at Exhibit Concepts began in January 2017.

Explain your role.

My role here at Exhibit Concepts, as Production Scheduling Supervisor, is taking an overall look at our resources to make sure we’re adequately staffed in order to get our jobs out.

What do you like most about Exhibit Concepts?

What I like most here at Exhibit Concepts is to be able to see the things that we do actually have an impact out in the world. Our schools, for example, seeing the look on the children’s faces, the teachers light up when they have these new experiences to teach the kids. That’s what I like most about Exhibit Concepts.


Favorite food?

My favorite food would be pizza. It can serve pretty much every meal.

Favorite TV show?

My favorite TV show is ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie would be ‘Gladiator.’

Favorite book?

My favorite book would be ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ by Shel Silverstein.

What are your secret talents?

One of my secret talents is that I’m ambidextrous. Not only can I write left-handed, but I can also write right-handed as well.

What is your ideal place to live?

My ideal place to live is somewhere where I have mountains in the back and water in the front.

What is a superpower you wish you had?

A superpower I wish I had would be to teleport, so that I could be in one place and quickly go to another one.

What charitable cause is important to you?

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Being a diabetic myself, it’s something that I hold close to my heart.


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