Trade Show Checklist: Planning with Safety in Mind

When it comes to planning your next in-person trade show or event, safety is one of the major keys to your success. With much of the United States still under mask mandates and other precautions, it’s crucial to not only prepare, but create contingency plans in case they are needed.

Many events have been impacted by COVID-19, and the Trade Show Checklist will help you consider and think about all the things you need to prepare for, from pre-show all the way to post-show.

Here’s a preview of what the checklist will cover:


Before the show even starts, planning should begin 4 to 6 months in advance, with researching local CDC guidelines in the city and state of the show. This means ensuring your plan is in alignment with those guidelines and communicating them to the show’s organizers.

A crucial component of any pre-show planning is about having a plan B and a plan C so you can easily pivot when issues arise. This means stocking your booth with supplies and changing your strategy if the show attendance is low, for example. Now, more than ever, this is a crucial component to your success.


When it comes to designing a trade show booth, flexibility, modularity, and functionality are king. We’ll take you through each step of the design process to ensure you are creating an ideal layout that keeps everyone safe.


This is where the rubber meets the road: all those plans are put into place to ensure safety, cleanliness and success. We have you covered with a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything, from how to hand out promotional items to creating a cleaning schedule.


Once the show is over, it’s important to review how things went and safely wrap up the show. Our checklist details everything you need to cover to recap your success and make it back home safely.

Want the full checklist so you can get started on your planning?



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