The Modern Rise of LED Technology

The trade show industry has changed significantly in the last few decades, but no change is as apparent as the rise in technology integration, and more recently—LED displays. From the event centers themselves to the booths lining the show floor, visitors are bombarded with digital engagements the moment they step foot in a venue.

But what is behind the popular trade show staple? A lot has happened in recent years to pave the way for LED displays.

Since LEDs were first introduced to the public in the 1960s, the technology behind the light-emitting diodes has increased dramatically. In recent years, pixel ratios have improved, costs have plummeted, and content creation is on the rise, leading to a boom in LED usage. 

Tech Crunch

Not long ago, LED displays were almost exclusively used in largeformat applications. From the bright lights of Times Square to stadium jumbotrons, the state-of-the-art displays offered little in the form of high-quality image resolution or crisp clarity. But pixel pitches, the distance between two pixels, are no longer measured in double digits; instead, some displays are down below 1 millimeter. Gone also are the days of standard displays. Technological advancements now allow for screens to be double-sided, curved and even specially shaped to fit a variety of design needs. 

“Any time a technology evolves to a point where it's less about the technology itself and more about delivering an intended message, you've hit the sweet spot. LEDs have become so flexible that the applications to use them are endless. Pair that with the level of sophistication and elegance and designers have a tool that gets the focus back on the content where it belongs.”

In addition to these advancements, the scalability of LED displays has allowed for more significant opportunity to incorporate engaging content in booths. Manufacturers have begun producing a variety of display options. For example, beMatrix, a leading supplier of framing systems, offers LED panels that can act as part of a larger display structure and even provide structural support to booths.

Whether it is a standard inline or a massive island, LED technology has become a scalable option to showcase your brand in a unique way. 

Budget Busters (No More)

While technology has come a long way in just a few short years, the overall production of LED displays has also made great strides. As the market has become flooded with options and styles, prices on the coveted technology have dropped. This has allowed trade show marketers to offer more innovative, engaging, and attractive displays without busting budgets. 

“The increasing affordability of LEDs has allowed marketers to add eye-catching displays to their trade show programs with even the most modest budgets. Trade show managers are opting for LED displays instead of traditional print messaging and portables due to the dynamic and engaging nature of the technology.”

Content is King

Catching the audience’s attention is vital for a successful trade show program. That is why marketers are turning to LED displays to offer exciting, engaging content at shows. The flexibility of LEDs allows content creators to quickly change out messaging and highlight products and projects as needed. The on-demand nature of the displays eliminates the need for costly printing and reduces turnaround times for new designs.

“LED displays meet the ever-evolving needs of the modern marketer. Whether it is a simple flash drive or internet connectivity, content can be changed within minutes."

From their versatility to their cost-effectiveness, LED displays are now a way of life on trade show floors. The next time you find yourself in an expo hall, look around and see how companies use the illuminating technology to shine a light on their brand’s messaging. And are you one of them?

If you are looking to make the most of your next trade show project, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have been crafting unique, award-winning experiences on the trade show floor since 1978. 


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