Factory automation & omron corporate

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Omron has attended CES for the last two years. Their booth showcases a multitude of robotic demonstrations to position the brand as a leader harmonizing the relationship between humans and machines. In 2018, the 2,500 sq. ft. booth featured white towers, a fabric canopy and mirrored surfaces to draw the eyes of passerby.

In 2019, the booth evolved into a 3,000 sq. ft. space including large display screens playing video content, two staircases in the rear that would allow presenters to hold presentations from overhead and demo stations at the front of the booth. Forpheus, the ping-pong playing robot had a designated space in both booths and was a big draw for visitors.

The design of these booths and the interactive demos resulted in a total of 6.3 billion total media impressions (3.8B in 2018 and 2.5B in 2019) and 300 booth visits from the media (111 in 2018 and 189 in 2019). Both booths placed on the EXHIBITOR Magazine Best of CES lists in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 booth won a Sizzle Award from EXHIBITOR Magazine.

Services Used: Creative Services (3D or graphic design, rebranding, campaign theming), AV Production, Photography/Videography, Fabrication, eManagement, Storage/Warehousing, I&D/On-site Supervision, Graphic Production, Engagement Strategy, Project Management, Show Service Coordination, Program Management, Rental

Featured Booth Size: 2018: 50×50, 2019: 50×60

Exhibits: Domestic Trade Shows