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Steal the spotlight. As screen time becomes a way of life, stand out from the static. Find out how NEXT Lab’s tech-savvy team of designers and coders can craft your user experience with unparalleled support and unprecedented detail. Now is not the time to join the digital revolution, it’s time to champion it with NEXT Lab.

boothOS is the modern solution that seamlessly connects all in-booth digital content between all in-booth devices.

boothOS centrally manages content such as lead capture, gamification, custom apps, websites, and other mixed content, while reducing dependency on internet connectivity. Utilizing boothOS elevates the design of digital booth components and brings purpose to the event engagement strategy and overall digital content.

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boothOS prioritizes the digital strategy, resulting in an elevated design of your overall booth's infrastructure and digital presence.


boothOS offers guaranteed technical project management and support from initial strategy development to on-site implementation.


boothOS connects all digital content to all in-booth devices.

Cost Effective

boothOS reduces your brand's dependency on internet connectivity, saving thousands of dollars per show.


boothOS supports lead capture, gamification, custom apps, websites, and other mixed content.


boothOS provides a centrally managed server where all content resides.


boothOS eliminates the need to worry about what version of iOS is downloaded or if everyone is using Apple, Android, or Microsoft products.

Maintenance Free

boothOS eliminates the need for exhibit professionals to worry about hardware rental or equipment maintenance.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Let VExP, powered by NEXT Lab, add a professional touch to your next live experience and digital event. From live streaming to custom-coded websites and everything in between, we have a talented team of industry experts ready to create, edit, and produce your dreams into reality.  


Creating specialized sites dedicated to specific campaigns and initiatives.


Professionally managing third-party videoconferencing events.

3D Creations

Creating customized, three-dimensional assets and animations.

Live Streams

Expertly producing live video events.

Virtual Tours

Creating digital walk-through experiences.

Exclusive Events

Expertly producing custom events, meetings and forums.

Product Demos

Crafting engaging product demonstrations.


Looking to take your engagement to the next level? NEXT Lab is at the forefront of the gamification movement. From custom creations to nostalgic reminders of yesteryear, the only thing that’s holding your branded experience back is a worthy opponent.

Manual Branded

Physical gaming options that can be customized and optimized for engagement.

Lead-Generating Game Engagements

Gaming options that can serve as engagements and as lead-generating services.

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