Nestlé Purina

Domestic trade show & interiors

Nestlé Purina came to Exhibit Concepts looking for a trade show industry leader, with comprehensive capabilities, that would serve as an extension of their brand.

They needed an exhibit house that could handle everything from new builds to smaller portables and state-of-the-art engagements.

A new, custom-built 30’x50′ booth was designed and created. The design process followed a collaborative approach that allowed Nestlé Purina to choose their desired look and feel.

The NEXT Lab team also played a pivotal role in the project, providing several custom engagements ranging from interactives to gamifications, that drew attendees into the booth.

Services Used: Creative Services (3D or graphic design, campaign theming), AV Production, Photography/Videography, Fabrication, eManagement, Storage/Warehousing, I&D/On-site Supervision, Graphic Production, Engagement Strategy, Project Management, Show Service Coordination, Program Management, Rental

Featured Booth Size: 30×50

Exhibits: Domestic Trade Shows & Interiors