Faces of ECI: Meet Matt Sopczak

This “Faces of ECI” profile focuses on Project Manager Matt Sopczak, who has been with Exhibit Concepts since 2014. From trade shows to wrestling, Matt is opening up in our latest “Faces of ECI” profile.

When did your career at Exhibit Concepts begin?

I started my career at Exhibit Concepts in December 2014.

Explain your role.

As a Project Manager I work closely with our accounting team, designers, estimators, detailing, production department to strategically achieve our client’s face-to-face marketing objectives and goals.

I typically get involved on a project as we work through the final design phase with the client . After the designs have been approved, we move into the quoting and budgetary estimate phase where I work closely with the design and estimating teams. Once we have received approval from the client, I facilitate the project information to our detailing department to complete drawings and build prints for each of the booth’s components. After we have reviewed the detail drawings and build prints with the client and receive their approval, the drawings are then released to our production teams.

Throughout the production phase, I closely monitor the project to ensure timelines and key dates are met. I also work directly with our installation crews to install and build the booth at venues across the United States.

After a show has concluded, I work with our accounting department to reconcile costs associated with the project and generating the final invoices for our clients.

Describe your most impactful client moment.

It’s hard to choose my most impactful client moment. Throughout my career at Exhibit Concepts, I have worked on a variety of projects from tradeshows to corporate interiors to early education centers. Whatever the project, I think having the ability to positively impact a community or industry through my work is extremely rewarding.

What do you like most about Exhibit Concepts?

I really enjoy the family -like environment.


Favorite food?

It’s a toss-up between Mexican and Italian. I love Olive Garden’s fettuccine alfredo.

Favorite band or musician?

My all-time favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is ‘Memphis Belle.’

Favorite book?

My favorite book is ‘Four Days to Glory’ by Mark Kreidler.

What are your secret talents?

I don’t know if I have a secret talent, but I’m very good at rebuilding small engines, car engines, and restoring older vehicles.

What is your ideal place to live?

I love it here in Ohio. I’m close to all of my family members and I really enjoy seeing all of the seasons.

What charitable cause is important to you?

I am a big supporter and advocate for Wrestle Against Autism.

Who is someone you would want to have dinner with? Past or present.

I would love to have dinner with Neil Armstrong. I have always been fascinated with astronomy. It would be awesome to chat with him about landing on the moon and being the first person to walk on the moon!

What is a superpower you wish you had?

I wish I had the ability to time travel. Having the ability to time travel and go back to the past to see certain things or events in history, to slow down the present time, or to go into the future would be an awesome superpower to have.


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