Faces of ECI: Meet Brit Higinbothom

The “Faces of ECI” campaign highlights the incredible talent behind the memorable, magical experiential environments that we produce for our clients.

In this installment, we’re featuring Brit Higinbothom, Director of Facilities & IT.

We were able to catch up with Brit to learn more about what motivates him professionally and what hobbies he enjoys while not managing the interior of ECI.

1. What year did you start working for ECI?


2. What role do you play for ECI?

As Facility and IT Director, my role is managing and directing the employees and outside contractors who keep our company’s infrastructure rolling smoothly and our facility clean, safe and presentable.

3. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the natural patterns found in nature and Earth; the simple things like a pinecone, waves in the ocean or an orb spider web. Beauty. Simplicity. Yet sometimes geometric and mathematical.

4. What are your secret (or not-so-secret) talents outside of the office?

I have the eye and patience to take a good photograph. I love to play disc-golf, I’m a little out of practice now but I think I’m pretty good. I have a green thumb and an ear for music and rhythm.

5. What are your top three favorite ECI projects?

A couple of my favorite projects go back to when I was wearing different/assorted hats. As a buyer at the time, I also engineered and detailed many outsourced items, working directly with Design, Estimating, Production, Detailing, Account Management and Account Executives. I enjoyed being completely immersed in the team and the project, much like our current Project Management Team. Those times were exciting but also challenging and stressful.

KitchenAid Booth

1. The KitchenAid double-deck booth, originally produced in late 2002 for a 25’ x 130’ space at Housewares, was a big, heavy, beautiful booth with a mix of woodgrains, exposed black structural steel, chrome and brushed aluminum.

2. ECI produced a series of tradeshow booths for UCB, starting back in 2007 for the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) Show. These booths were colorful and attention-getting with printed tension fabric structures, sheer banners, AV, lighting and bright, complicated carpet inlays.

ECI Office Renovations

3. Currently, I very much enjoy being involved in our office renovations. Seeing the designs on paper and then the gradual transformation of our office spaces is pretty cool. The talents of our carpenters and contractors are on-display and I’ve heard many compliments from both visitors and employees seeing the spaces for the first time.

6. Your most proud moment with ECI?

Being part of the Crew (The Vendor Guy) working our booth at ExhibitorLive, with our awesome custom booth front-and-center at the main show entry. I was very proud to be part of that team and ECI.

7. What is your absolute dream job?

Professional Photographer would be nice or something that included a tropical setting and low stress. Captain of a small fishing charter or maybe official flip-flop tester. I’m flexible.

8. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

The power of flight. Come on, doesn’t everyone dream of flying like Superman?!?

9. Tell us about a time you witnessed an ECI team member go above and beyond.

Over the years I have witnessed so many people work extraordinarily long hours at different stages during the course of a project, or in the background, sometimes through the night and into the next day. To single out one would be an injustice to all those who went the extra mile. The dedication and commitment of our people is incredible and, to me, every time they work into the night and weekends, on-site or remotely, is above and beyond.

10. What food can you not live without?

Simple. Cheese. It’s a basic ingredient for everything yummy.

11. What is your greatest fear?

Public speaking.

12. Most used emoji?

tongue out emoji

13. What is one WOW moment you’ve experience at ECI that you’ll never forget?

Not really at ECI, but when our home was hit by a tornado in May 2019, ECI sent a crew of employees to assist in the cleanup for two days and also provided donated items and financial assistance. My wife and I both literally said “WOW”. It’s easy to get emotional when telling others how ECI helped us through that experience.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Brit, our 30 year #TeamECI veteran! 


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