An Unforgettable EXHIBITORLIVE: 2019 Edition

Our team of storytellers, including our friend Orville, have returned from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 and are eager to share their experience. In a word, it was “unforgettable”!

Storytelling at its Best!

This year, we sent our most compelling storytellers from across the company to the EXHIBITORLIVE show floor. Our storytellers have expertise in 3-D and graphic design, relationship management, international exhibiting, brand marketing, and more. We met with attendees to learn what was happening in their trade show programs and we were able to share some of our favorite and most unforgettable projects. We believe that our clients are the heroes of their story and we were honored to showcase them in a variety of ways within our booth.

Our “Greeter”, Orville the Storytelling Robot

We brought our friends Orville (a robot) and Wilbur (a dinosaur) as greeters, icons, storytellers, engagers, and mascots. Wilbur is a bit of an introvert. He was most comfortable keeping watch from a corner of our double deck. Orville, on the other hand, was eager to share customer success stories. Every time a visitor opened the “magic door” on his torso, Orville introduced another client’s project. Orville could be caught showcasing the innocence of children at play at the Mansfield Independent School District Early Learning Center, belting out the gospel of This Little Light of Mine from the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, or interacting “live” with folks back at our office.

Engaging Over a Lunchbox

Our design team created five different lunchbox designs which were inspired by five different clients. The items inside the lunchboxes were chosen specifically to pay homage to each of our highlighted clients. And we purposefully chose toys because what is the first question our family (or co-workers) asks when we return… “What did you bring me?” We also included two augmented reality postcards. And you can’t have a lunchbox without food, so we also included snacks!

The Why Wall

On the other side of the wall of lunchboxes, facing a main aisle, we had a three-monitor array dubbed “The Why Wall”. These monitors represented the reasons we love what we do: getting to understand our client’s “why”… Why they are in business. Why they are exhibiting. Why they are different and better than their competitors. One monitor focused on “Real People” showcasing our actual clients and their experience working with Exhibit Concepts. The second monitor showcased “Real Results” which referenced the exceptional and noteworthy business outcomes achieved by our clients at their trade shows and within their experiential environments. The final monitor was a highlight of unforgettable projects titled “Really Unforgettable”, displaying several awards our clients won over the last year, some massive new builds and more.

Brand Stories Made Unforgettable, Including Ours

For the second year in a row, Exhibit Concepts was named to Exhibitor Magazine’s prestigious Find It: Top 40 Exhibit Producer list. Additionally, we were honored at the beMatrix Best of 2018 award breakfast with two 1st place awards: Best Design Greater Than 600 sq. ft. for our work with World Fuel Services and Best Reusability for our use of LEDskin tiles in our EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 booth (which by the way, won Best in Show: Large Booth) which was repurposed and used by our Deceuninck America.

Continuing Education

As exciting and important as our presence in the exhibit hall is, another critical reason we are passionate participants at EXHIBITORLIVE is the educational sessions. Not only did we send NINE of our team members to take sessions for general industry/trend information or as part of their CTSM certification, several of our executives are a part of the EXHIBITORLIVE faculty and taught a total of seven educational sessions.

Now that we’re back home and settled in, we are busy following up with all the wonderful people we met on the show floor, at the networking events, and in the classrooms. And we are busy helping our clients tell their stories in the most impactful, effective, and unforgettable ways. We can’t wait until next year to share some new stories—who knows, one of them might be yours!


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