Business leadership and management campus

Tipp City, OH

Corporate Interior

Aileron is an organization with a mission to “unleash the potential of private business through professional management” with business advisors and a unique facility that provides endless inspiration for small businesses, supporting business owners, presidents, and CEOs that are forging a path in their respective industries. We believe it’s just good business to strategize in a meaningful way in order to grow with purpose. And the Aileron facility is just that inspirational space to bring our team together.

Aileron has a special meaning to our company, as we had a role in the build and installation of many design aspects of the building’s interior. We are proud to partner with such an innovative organization that does so much to support the men and women working to foster and grow their small businesses. 


Services Used: Fabrication & Installation, 25,000 Sq. ft.

Aileron Interior