Timelines & Teamwork: The AMSE Story

American Museum of Science and Energy

The opening of a museum is always an exciting moment. The doors open to members of the public, bringing the vision to life and the story to the masses. But there’s a lot that leads up to that moment, to ensure that opening is successful, and the museum is ready for said visitors. Ideally that is many years in the making, but that’s not always the case.

When the American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) wanted to create a new museum to replace their existing institution, they had just one year to complete the project. It was going to be challenging, but the team of Hilferty & Associates, Exhibit Concepts, Boston Media Productions and Communications Electronic Design “took the dare” to design, fabricate and build out the museum in one year. Like so many other projects, the AMSE was a group effort.

This dynamic group of partners were brought together for exhibit development and design, metalwork, graphics, and media production. It was teamwork from start to finish; when all was said and done the project was actually completed in just 8 months start to finish. Exhibit Concepts was responsible for exhibit fabrication and installation in the 6,200 square foot facility.

Typically, this would be a three-year project, but its completion is due to each company’s willingness to work simultaneously, making teamwork and collaboration a crucial component for success.

Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this museum shares a complex story that includes the development of the nuclear bomb through the Manhattan Project and continued innovations of the Oak Ridge National Library. Incorporating a variety of interactives and AV components, the new museum engages visitors in scientific discovery. The museum gives a dramatic overview of historic Oak Ridge sites including the Manhattan Project, and the modern-day facilities that are continuing the ground-breaking work.

Large graphics and artifact displays help tell the story of nuclear fusion and fission, along with scientific developments pioneered in Oak Ridge, including renewable energy and super computers.


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