The Airstream Story: Why Brand Continuity Matters


Attractive. Sleek. Efficient. Iconic.

Those are all words you’d probably use if someone asked you to describe an Airstream travel trailer. Ironically, they are also terms used to describe the kiosks built for their dealers all over the country.

Affectionately known as the, “Silver Bullet,” the Airstream travel trailer is built in Jackson Center, Ohio. Founded in 1931, the company embodies the concept of Americana with its distinctive product line. So, when an iconic, timeless brand wanted to create an experience for their dealers that aligned with company values, they came to Exhibit Concepts. There are Airstream dealerships located all over the country, and they needed a way to gather leads while on the road or out in the field.

Our team worked closely with Airstream to design and build a sleek, modern design that fit with their brand—and was easy to transport and troubleshoot if necessary. Each kiosk is made with riveted steel, just like its travel trailer counterpart, and features a “fin” design that was aerodynamic and eye-catching. The kiosks were created in two pieces, which allows them to be easily taken apart and placed inside a plastic case and transported in the trunk of a car.

The centerpiece of the kiosk, however, is the iPad Pro housed inside. With a backup battery pack and charger, it’s ideal for life on the road (sound familiar?) and for dealers. The iPad itself has a simple lead capture program installed, allowing visitors to browse the Airstream product line, choose a model, and input their information. Dealers have the flexibility of placing a kiosk in their dealership, but they are meant to be taken on the road, just like the iconic travel trailers they are modeled after.

Best of all, an electronic brochure is immediately sent to the customer, and the dealer now has lead information for follow-up. A kiosk might seem like a simple ask, but for Airstream it represents the importance of brand continuity and ensuring your brand looks, feels, and acts the same, no matter where a customer encounters it.


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