Case Study:


The Client:Channelview ISD, a forward-thinking school district in Texas, is on a mission to prioritize early literacy engagement for its students. Led by the passionate vision of Dr. Tory C. Hill, the district’s new superintendent, Channelview ISD sought to build a love for literacy from early childhood through graduation. 

"This is more than a literacy bus. It is a learning experience for our students across our community"

The Need

With a commitment to ensuring all students have access to high-quality literacy resources, Channelview ISD identified a need for a mobile literacy solution that could reach students in various parts of the district, especially during breaks and holidays. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between traditional classroom learning and real-world literacy experiences, emphasizing accessibility, engagement, and a lifelong love for reading. 

"We want this sort of immersive learning experience to extend beyond the four walls of our buildings... we want it to happen during Spring Break, we want it to happen during the Summer, we want it to happen during holiday breaks, because we want our students to have that ongoing experience and know that it extends beyond the traditional walls of our schools."

The Solution

Partnering with Exploration Zones by Exhibit Concepts, Inc., Channelview ISD transformed a school bus into a vibrant and engaging literacy hub known as The Literacy Bus. The bus features a lively reading-themed external mural and is stocked with a diverse range of books, from infancy/board books to high school novels. The interior offers a welcoming space for students to choose books based on their interests, read in a comfortable environment, and even engage in word-building activities on a magnetic board. This mobile unit travels to various parts of the district during breaks, ensuring that students have access to books and literacy resources year-round. And as a cherry on top, these books are not for rent or borrowing, they are for keeps! The district hopes that over time, The Literacy Bus can help children build their own at-home library.  

The Takeaway

Accessibility: The Literacy Bus takes the in-home library to them, meeting students where they are, providing access to books and literacy resources directly to them within their communities across the district.

Community Collaboration: The funding for the bus was made possible through collaboration with a district partner that shared Channelview ISD’s values for accessibility and early literacy. 

Experiential Learning: The bus offers more than just books; it provides an immersive learning space that focuses on creating a calm yet hands-on space for literacy, reading and fostering a love for reading and learning.

The More, The MerrierChannelview ISD plans to host info shares and tours of the bus to other local districts, hoping to spread the innovation and benefits of this unique literacy initiative.


For information on obtaining a tour or project information from Channelview, you may contact LaKeisha LeBlanc, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.

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