Inspiring Spaces Drive Inspiration

There’s a saying: changing your perspective changes your experience.

As a company focused on the design and production of experiential environments, we believe that statement to be true; and that is one of the main drivers behind our strategic business investments. Our sales and leadership teams recently headed to Aileron in Tipp City, Ohio just north of Dayton to do just that: discuss the current state of our business and collaboratively forge a path to continued growth.

Specifically, Exhibit Concepts is aggressively growing our commercial interiors and international trade show business. These segments of our business are led by Jeff Hannah, VP of International Services & Commercial Interiors. Jeff joined Exhibit Concepts during the summer of 2016 after leading multicultural teams in the strategic development of complex projects in over 50 countries for many of the world’s top brands.

Jeff oversees the strategic growth of Exhibit Concepts’ business in these categories. He helps clients develop a comprehensive and strategic approach to their face-to-face marketing programs outside the U.S. In addition to being a wealth of knowledge about exhibiting in a host of international cities and venues, Jeff brings a unique focus on the cultural aspects of working across borders. His work in commercial interiors combines a designer’s deeper understanding of the unique requirements of executive briefing centers (EBCs), retail build-outs, corporate lobbies, showrooms, and mobile marketing vehicles with a passion for enhancing the brand experience.Aileron Center

Aileron is an organization with a mission to “unleash the potential of private business through professional management” with business advisors and a unique facility that provides endless inspiration for small businesses, supporting business owners, presidents, and CEOs that are forging a path in their respective industries. We believe it’s just good business to strategize in a meaningful way in order to grow with purpose. And the Aileron facility is just that inspirational space to bring our team together.

Aileron has a special meaning to our company, as we had a role in the build and installation of many design aspects of the building’s interior. We are proud to partner with such an innovative organization that does so much to support the men and women working to foster and grow their small businesses.


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