Infographic: Vocabulary of Virtual

For event marketing professionals, the recent years have been a roller coaster. From a total halt of face-to-face experiences to cautious optimism for in-person events, it has been a trying time for the industry. However, during this time, a digital revolution has been taking place. We are now learning, normalizing, and integrating virtual events into all aspects of experiences. But with this new change comes new terminology, that is proving foreign to many. 

If you’ve had success in launching any virtual (or digital) event, you’ve likely learned that how we talk about, and reference, virtual events varies from person to person. What “hybrid” means to one person, may be something completely different to another. And what even is a “sitemap” or “wireframe”? And can someone explain the difference between “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” again? 

If you are wondering about some of these questions, hopefully this Vocabulary of Virtual glossary will provide you with the answers.

Vocabulary of Virtual

Our experts take on commonly misunderstood words.

If you’re still feeling stumped, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are eager to help you kickoff your next virtual or physical event. 

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