How Utilizing Modular and Rental Components Creates Cost Efficiencies

We all know that exhibiting can be an expensive line item in your marketing budget. As material handling and transportation costs continue to increase, savvy brands are looking for innovative ways to control costs without sacrificing quality, aesthetics or the attendee experience.

For LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA, it was important as we developed their exhibit for AHR 2019 that the design would have maximum impact, but with an eye to cost efficiencies. Beginning with a strong discovery process and allowing time to focus on a strong design that would also reduce weight and labor time was key.

“The design ECI came up with us was very modular and lightweight. Consequentially, it was very cost-effective in terms of transportation and implementation and there was no issue in terms of impact. It was one of the strongest booths at the exhibition,” said Jacki Jaynes, Senior Manager, Channel Marketing at LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA.

By making LG’s booth property modular, the shipping, handling, and storage was seamless. The components also provide LG with flexibility, meaning that for other shows they attend, the components can be configured into different sizes and shapes. By using a mix of modular and rental components, storage fees were cut by over 60%.

For many exhibitors, having a meeting space built into their booth is a must. In the last three years, Aaron Scarlata, Account Executive for Exhibit Concepts has seen many clients beginning to expand their booths with meeting space rather than purchasing secondary rooms in exhibit halls. For LG, we incorporated a 2-story rental meeting facility for a fraction of the cost of ownership, and it took up minimal floor space.

“By keeping our components modular and by using large components out of the ECI rental pool, our ongoing storage costs are very minimal and we’re so thrilled with that,” said Jaynes.

In addition, we managed LG’s show services and streamlined the ordering and billing processes which cut costs by 25%.

“I cannot stress enough how the ECI team delivers not only design innovation but takes great responsibility in delivering cost effective solutions and savings opportunities,” said Jaynes.

When partnering with an exhibit house, placing an emphasis on the discovery process and allowing for more time in the design phase, allows your partner to identify where efficiencies can be made. Trade shows are a big piece of your budget, and we know getting it right the first time is essential.

Find a partner that knows your brand and is just as passionate about it as you are. Your brand needs a team, not a robotic vendor.


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