Rethinking Events: Exploring the Future of Live Events

Our Exhibit Concepts, Inc. NEXT Lab™ thought leaders were invited to participate in Rethinking Events’ virtual FAQ panel discussion.

Rethinking Events is a virtual event “master class” with insight from over 30 industry experts, encouraging you to rethink what’s possible for your next event during, and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a dynamic conversation which explores the role of virtual events in the overall marketing mix. We discuss what kinds of mistakes companies often make when implementing online events, the challenges and difficulties of creating and managing virtual events, and what the future may look like in terms of the mix between virtual and in-person events.

“It isn’t just about the bells and whistles of putting the technology pieces together to make this event happen…It’s about crafting the experience so that in the end you are communicating a certain message and making an impression on the attendee.”

-Jeff Hannah, Vice President of Interiors, International, and Creative at Exhibit Concepts, Inc.

Watch the video to hear our team’s insightful answers to help you succeed in your virtual event efforts:



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