Harriet Meehan

VP of Marketing

Harriet is a seasoned marketing professional, bringing a wealth of expertise to Exhibit Concepts. Her experience spans a diverse spectrum, including integrated marketing campaigns and customer-centric brand development. Harriet is dedicated to seizing market opportunities and crafting strategic solutions. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to driving results, Harriet has achieved success in various marketing and consulting roles, including prominent positions with Fortune 50 companies. Her approach is firmly grounded in data-driven results and collaborative endeavors.

In her role as Vice President of Marketing at Exhibit Concepts, Harriet leads a dynamic marketing team engaged in a variety of business segments, ranging from corporate trade shows to immersive classroom experiences and world-class permanent environments. Harriet’s leadership style, characterized by collaboration and a team-centric approach, acts as a driving force for Exhibit Concepts’ expansion into both emerging and established market opportunities.