MyCheck wellness station

Are you wondering what the new “normal” will look like for your employees and customers regarding safety?


For retail, hospitality, and a host of other industries, the challenge is two-fold; get customers back in their facilities and create the health-based confidence customers need to return. Whether employees work at a desk or in a kitchen, your staff needs to feel confident regarding their wellbeing in the workplace.


The My✓™ station engages customers for two key health safety concerns — to check temperatures and sanitize hands — in a quick, inviting and touchless manner. Temperature screening and hand sanitizing are two key actions promoted by health authorities for limiting exposure to virus-related illness. My✓™ also provides visibility to customers about your safety program and wellness strategy.

Advanced thermal scanning reads body temperature, with users intuitively aligning their faces with the scanning sensor for an instant readout and printed receipt. Specially filtered UV light automatically sanitizes a user’s hands when extended under the light sources.

The result is a customer-friendly, non-intrusive and enjoyable experience promoting personal and public health while reinforcing your customer relationships. My✓™ uses proven technology, sensory engagement, fun theory, and experiential design to immerse your customers in a positive health-focused experience.


  • Touch-free activation with proximity sensors
  • Instantaneous thermal scanning of body temperature
  • Temperature digital readout and printed receipt for customer take-away
  • 20-second hand sanitizing with filtered UV light
  • 99% effectiveness
  • Audio feedback creates a custom, enjoyable experience with cycle completion cues
  • Front panel locations for wellness and brand messaging

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