Faces of ECI: Meet Aaron Scarlata

The “Faces of ECI” campaign highlights the incredible talent behind the memorable, magical branded environments that we produce for our clients.

In this installment, we’re featuring Aaron Scarlata, Account Executive for ECI.

We were able to catch up with Aaron to learn more about what motivates him professionally and inspires him daily.

When did your career at Exhibit Concepts begin?

I started with the company in 2016.

Explain your role.

I am an account executive with a background in design, build, business development, and marketing. I specifically focus on museums and other permanent environments.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the built environments such as city and rural architecture, public parks and museums, retail stores and places where brands must promote merchandise and engage.  I really find myself evaluating places as I enter them, what’s the “look and feel” doing for me physically and emotionally and is it driving me to do something.  I often find errors to which I mentally or photographically note them to keep myself aware, and as reference for future project inspiration. 

What are your top three favorite projects?

I love LEGOs and used them to create a model Laser Engraver Engagement for a prospective client. That project included a behind the scenes tour of the client’s operations which was very cool.

Also, getting to work with LG has been a blessing.  We had the honor to do their large exhibit for AHR 2018.  We took LG through the process and really shared our creative approach to deliver an amazing experience on the trade show floor.

Another favorite was a smaller booth for Jackson Lewis. I came up with a way to play off their slogan “Make Your Move” and their graphics of chess pieces, to create a fun and insightful in-booth game:  Tic-Tac-Toe using yard chess pieces, and questions on the board for their sales team to ask visitors.  Despite it all taking place in a 10×10 space, Exhibit Concepts delivered a huge result for them.  It was fun! 

What is your proudest moment at Exhibit Concepts?

I have many, but a few of them I hold dear to me.  One in particular shows how vulnerable a person can be, but when you go all-in, it’s worth it.  On my second day at Exhibit Concepts, I was told that we traditionally we wear costumes for Halloween. Not knowing but a few people at Exhibit Concepts, and definitely timid at first, I wanted to show everyone how outgoing, caring, passionate, and how much of a team player I am.  I came to work as Clifford the Big Red Dog, in a full-on mascot size costume.  A fellow employee was like “are you the new guy?” after numerous attempts to get me to answer, I finally said yes, and her response was “you went from here to way up here” raising her hand well above her head.  Giving me kudos.  I was proud to have joined a fun team, gotten praise for going all-in with culture, and well on my way to making waves at Exhibit Concepts in a positive way.


What is your absolute dream job?

It will still be in design and build, but perhaps it is working for LEGO as a LEGO Master, inspiring builders and companies around the world to include play in their process, to constantly look at problems as a set of doors just waiting to be open, and to surround myself with a mix of people eager to design, build and problem solve together.  

What are your secret (or not-so-secret) talents outside of the office?

I’m a passionate foodie who loves to cook.  I don’t really bake. Although, I love the Great British Baking Show, Nailed-IT, Chopped and others!

What food can you not live without?

BBQ! I always enjoy the blend of sweet and savory.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Why?

Flying. Once you get a taste of being high enough to see, but low enough to be grounded in life, you see so much.

What’s your spirit animal? Why?

My spirit animal is probably a water dog or some sort of hunting dog.  I love the outdoors, investigating, finding unique treasures amid the “weeds” in life, and I balance my life with introvert and extrovert personality traits.

What is your greatest fear?

Drowning. Which is odd, because I love water, swimming, and I am a great swimmer.

What is a WOW moment you’ve experience at Exhibit Concepts?

When Exhibit Concepts stepped up after the 2019 Memorial Day Tornadoes that hit the Dayton area. Team  members, regardless of seniority, went to colleagues homes to help with clean up. Others brought in goods and essentials for their peers that were hit hard. Exhibit Concepts has been ranked as a Best Places to Work and it’s clear why.  


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