What’s your program’s elephant in the room?

EXHIBITORLIVE is around the corner so now it’s time to schedule your 1:1 meeting with Exhibit Concepts’ leadership team.  Whether you’re able to join us in Las Vegas or want to keep connected to us as we’re on the show floor, you can meet with our team—in-person or virtually.

Ask yourself… what’s my trade show program’s “elephant in the room,” then let’s talk about it. Is your elephant a:

  • Shrinking budget but your ROI is unchanged?
  • Program strategy that’s too close to “winging it”?
  • Uncertainty of what Hybrid should be for your brand?
  • Subpar or unresponsive exhibit house support team?
  • Low quality booth, interactives, or engagements?

Bring your questions, pain points, RFPs, designs, or just your thoughts and we’ll walk through any topic you’d like. Pre-schedule your onsite meeting now and let’s make your story unforgettable!



If you’re traveling to the show, visit Exhibit Concepts at EXHIBITORLIVE, booth 801, as we talk about our own “elephant in the room”… An exhibit house showing up to an exhibit hall without an exhibit? Say it ain’t so. Let us show you how you can accomplish incredible storytelling and engagement, in-person and virtual—all without those exhibit walls. 

Looking for a complimentary exhibit hall pass?

BE OUR SHOW FLOOR VIP: Obtain your FREE EXHIBITORLIVE Exhibit Hall Pass ($300 value) by clicking the button below and using code 4085. 

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