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S3062: Humanize Your Target Audience with Attendee Personas
Are you attracting the right audience to your in person or virtual event? Does the experience you're creating inspire them to act? If not, attendee personas could be the key to improving the results of your next event.
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T3048R: Sales and Marketing Alignment: How to Get - and Stay - on the Same Page
It's no secret that alignment between sales and marketing is critical to optimizing business results. And that alignment is even more important and more challenging when operating in a disconnected, remote environment.
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T3038: The Importance of Brand Continuity in Face-to-Face Marketing
Brand equity is built over time and takes tenacity and discipline to establish and solidify. All marketing tactics and every interaction you have with your target audience is an opportunity to build equity. Often, the focus is on traditional communication vehicles such as advertising and website. Marketers also need to consider events and corporate spaces, such as lobbies and briefing centers, as important components for communicating their brand.
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W3041: Event Management -- Doing More with Less and Demonstrating Clear ROI
Event marketers are facing increased pressure from all sides. Corporate budgets are tight, and teams are being asked to do more with less. Event and tradeshow costs have increased although budgets have remained flat. Clear ROI is the expectation, necessitating stronger than ever data-capture and measurement.
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W3025: Integrated Marketing Strategies for New Product and Brand Launches
Launching a new brand or product is a significant investment in both R&D and manufacturing. A successful launch requires a strategic, multi-channeled plan to establish brand identity, solidify brand meaning and messaging, and generate a response. Marketing messages need to reach our target audience more than eight times in order to resonate.
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W6079: Building Genuine Connections: Mastering Message-Driven Communication for Trade Show Success
Why do we exhibit? The answers tend to be on repeat: brand awareness, showcase a new product, our competitors are there, so we have to be. On the surface, these feel like solid reasons, but are they enough? The theory of Message Driven Communication tells us that we never communicate to simply educate - we communicate because we want our audience to DO something.
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