Case Study:

Large Trade Show Rental

The Client: Mazak Corporation is a global leader in the machine tool industry.


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From the Client:

“Trade shows represent a significant investment and an important opportunity to interact with our customers and prospects, so it’s critical we make the most of the experience and Exhibit Concepts helps us do that.” –Brian Papke, Mazak Corporation


The Need

Mazak had a clear direction and vision for their presence at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). They had two primary objectives: to reiterate their position as an industry leader and demonstrate their new technology and automation capabilities. Specifically, it was crucial for all tools and machines to actively run inside the booth for the duration of the show while interfacing with each other. Mazak also wanted the aesthetic of their trade show booth to be more “Apple-esque”; meaning it needed to be visually impactful, with a clean, crisp technologically driven design. From strategy to look and feel, messaging, and engagement, Mazak needed a complete solution.

With over 2,400 exhibitors, 115,000+ attendees, and nearly 1.5 million sq. ft. of space, making a splash at IMTS was no easy feat—but Mazak did just that in their 17,000 square foot space.

The Goals:

  • Demonstrate Mazak’s new technology
  • Reiterate position as an industry leader
  • Showcase automation capabilities
  • Incorporate “Apple-esque” aesthetic
  • Impactful, clean, and crisp design
  • Complete trade show solution

The Solution

 Exhibit Concepts delivered on these objectives by strategically placing tools and machines that were operational throughout the show along the booth perimeter and high traffic aisles. This captivated the attention of attendees and brought in many high quality prospects. The space made an impactful statement to those who saw the sophisticated automation in action. Signage throughout the booth was bold but clean. The double-decker meeting capability allowed for maximum use of the space with the canopies adding visual dimension to make their booth stand out from the crowd.

Mazak Trade Show

The Takeaway

Despite being a rental, this large scale property brought a big impact to the trade show floor, thanks to clean, compelling design that drew in visitors.

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