Case Study:

Large Scale Museum Fabrication & Installation

The Client: The Computer History Museum is a multimedia experience that immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and stories of the computer revolution.




The Need

The Computer History Museum wanted to create an immersive experience for museum visitors that covers the history of computing and also addresses the importance of software. This project was completed in two phases.


The Computer History Museum, Mountain View California, Circular Entrance

The Solution

Exhibit Concepts was selected to fabricate and install exhibit components for the Computer History Museum with design by Van Sickle & Rolleri. The Museum contains two distinct areas:

Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing tells the history of how computers came to be in our daily lives. The exhibition contains over 1,000 objects in an engaging 25,000 square-foot space. Meant to be interactive, there are many multimedia experiences for visitors including audio and video presentations, interactive games, and hands-on displays. This space chronicles the history of computing on a global scale, from the abacus all the way to the modern day smart phone. This space contains one-of-a-kind objects and devices, told by the innovators who started the computer revolution.

Make Software: Change the World explores the history, technology, and cultural impact of seven applications, including Photoshop, MP3, MRI, Car Crash Simulation, Wikipedia, Texting, and World of Warcraft. This 6,000 square-foot interactive area of the museum allows visitors to interact with software, testing their skills in texting and learning basic programming concepts and trying hands-on coding.

The museum also includes an IBM 1401 Demo Lab and a PDP-1 Demo Lab and has rotating displays covering topics like autonomous vehicles and individuals whose early innovation has a major impact on modern day computing.


The Takeaway

 To truly appreciate the present (and future) one must first appreciate history. This large exhibit tells a compelling, far reaching story that has a major impact on our modern day culture.

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