Case Study:

Brand Consistency

The Client: Chicago Pneumatic is an industrial manufacturer of power tools, air compressors, generators, light towers and hydraulic equipment.


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From the Client:

“Partnering with Exhibit Concepts has been a game changer for our brand. We are more aligned than ever, which will help us elevate Chicago Pneumatic to new heights.” – Omar Macon, Product Marketing Manager

The Need

Chicago Pneumatic was looking for a new partner to help their team create a cohesive brand experience across every face-to-face situation, from the showroom to the trade show. In addition to their trade show and showroom needs, Chicago Pneumatic wanted to incorporate engagement to give visitors a hands-on experience with the CP line of tools.  

At the time, they were working with three different exhibit partners and storing their booth property, tools, and demo items in three locations. As a result, they were not achieving their goal of brand consistency nor did they have an accurate view of inventory or spend. 

  • Goals and Objectives:
  • Establish brand continuity
  • Consolidate exhibit houses
  • Design and install a showroom
  • Maintain brand continuity
  • Incorporate an end-to-end solution
  • Expand face-to-face marketing program 

The Solution

The decision to move to a new exhibit house is not taken lightly. We worked with Chicago Pneumatic to ensure a smooth transition, establishing transparency and setting the stage for superior service levels through a five-step process which includes:  

  1. Trade Show Program Evaluation: Evaluate current presence, competitors, site visit
  2. Orientation Meeting Series: Overview of ECI team, processes, timeline, facility tour
  3. Property Transition Plan: Determine optimal time for transition to minimize cost
  4. Coordinating Service Delivery: Ordering show services, I&D, pull & prep 
  5. Perform Ongoing Reviews: Annual or semi-annual meetings to review performance

A comprehensive end-to-end solution was the key to Chicago Pneumatic’s success. First, we moved all their property to our facility, inspecting each item and logging it into a robust, easy to use eManagement tracking application allowing their employees 24/7 access to view inventory and order items for upcoming trade shows. 

Additionally, Exhibit Concepts not only migrated their existing trade show program, but also looked for innovative ways to improve their presence and attendee experience. ECI focused on in-booth engagement to provide attendees with a hands-on experience with Chicago Pneumatic’s tools. 

With their trade show program fully migrated and successfully onboarded, Exhibit Concepts worked with Chicago Pneumatic to design, fabricate, and install a new showroom. The focus of the showroom is to highlight the breadth of the Chicago Pneumatic product line in an engaging, on-brand space.  We ensured that their goals were met step-by-step through our process. Our proven methodology results in solutions that exceed client expectations, achieves better results, meets budget requirements, and reduces error and rework. 

The Takeaway

Aligning your brand, from start to finish, is a crucial component of success. A strong, consistent experience reinforces your message and ensures it is clearly conveyed to clients and prospects alike.

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