Computer History Museum


The Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, California, has celebrated a long history with Exhibit Concepts. Since the beginning of the working relationship more than a decade ago, the organization has contracted with Exhibit Concepts several times for a variety of projects both large and small.

The partnership first launched in 2011, when Exhibit Concepts collaborated with the Computer History Museum with their flagship collection “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing.” Since that inaugural project, the partnership has only grown stronger.

The Adobe Experience

The Adobe Experience is the latest collection completed by Exhibit Concepts for the Computer History Museum. The collection, which is located on the grounds of Adobe’s world headquarters, tells the story of the company’s humble beginnings and journey to becoming a technology powerhouse in today’s world. The space was completed in 2022 and debuted in 2023.

UpStart: A Prototype Traveling Exhibit

Exhibit Concepts was proud to help create Computer History Museum’s Upstart: A Prototype Traveling Exhibit. The exclusive engagement exhibit traveled to both Kansas City and Silicon Valley to help tell the stories of computer technology visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Make Software: Change the World

Opened in 2017, Make Software: Change the World is a collection of technologies representing a wide range of interests. The collection include artifacts from MP3, Photoshop, MRI, Car Crash Simulation, Wikipedia, Texting, and World of Warcraft

Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing

The first project that Exhibit Concepts completed for the Computer History Museum is the flagship 25,000 sq. ft. collection. Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing reflects on nearly every major milestone of computer technology and includes more than 1,100 objects.