Case Study:

Ready to adapt

The Client: Established in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium creates the standard by which many wireless power platforms are based. As a leading worldwide standards organization, WPC first released Qi Wireless Charging for smartphones and other related technologies in 2008. Since the success of Qi, WPC has ventured into other markets ranging from industrial uses to vehicle charging to at-home applications. In 2019, they announced the creation of the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard using inductive power transfer.

The Need

The Wireless Power Consortium had planned to attend CES 2022 to showcase the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard. Having faced years of delays due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, WPC was eager to get going in 2022. However, amid international travel restrictions and a sudden surge in coronavirus cases, they decided against sending their international coalition to the largest trade show in the world.

The last-minute cancellation left a void for WPC, which was hoping to utilize their CES appearance to attract new members to their organization and build excitement around the Ki Cordless Kitchen.

In addition, WPC had spent money on a new booth design and in-booth properties, but without a presence at CES and no upcoming trade shows, they had no opportunity to showcase it to clients. Additionally, they had none of the traditional assets, such as photos and videos, to create new marketing materials.

WPC needed a platform. 

"We needed to develop some marketing collateral, we wanted to shoot some photography, we wanted some videos to create, so we took everything out of storage and we said, “while we’re doing this, why don’t we invite some customers or members, or prospective members to come see it, and do a private product demonstration for them.”

The Solution

Exhibit Concepts proposed a unique and creative alternative. The Wireless Power Consortium would host a “Mini CES” at Exhibit Concepts’ headquarters in Vandalia, Ohio. The cutting-edge booth would be set up inside of the Exhibit Concepts facility with the same fully operational capabilities that would have been found on the trade show floor.

Utilizing NEXT Lab’s highly technical, customizable offerings, Exhibit Concepts would then create a variety of video and photo assets for WPC, ranging from long-form, interview pieces to short-form social posts. When the professional, in-house production was wrapped, WPC would then be able to invite current members, potential members, and even the media to see the Ki Cordless Kitchen for themselves.

While far from the Las Vegas strip, the exclusive “Mini CES” would serve as WPC’s stage for the world’s spotlight. 

“The booth looked great, we had a lot of compliments from people coming to see it and said “ we really enjoyed it, it was a great show, so for us, it was a great success.”

The Takeaway

Exhibit Concepts rose to the unique challenges facing WPC amid the ongoing pandemic. While juggling a budget, the team was able to meet the Wireless Power Consortium’s needs with a cost-effective and high-quality solution.

WPC’s story proves that exhibit houses must be ready and able to rise to any challenge. Thinking outside the box should not only be encouraged but embraced and celebrated.

With a diverse staff and vast backgrounds, Exhibit Concepts, and its NEXT Lab team, is truly a full-service exhibit house that provides stunning, expertly crafted booth displays and award-winning technology services. 

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