Case Study:

OTC-Daihen virtual event


1,355 unique views 

93.8% attendee session completion rate 

51 minute average watch time per attendee

The Need

OTC-Daihen, Inc. (OTC), a partner of Exhibit Concepts Inc. (ECI) for the past 17-years, was preparing to exhibit at FabTech 2020, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event. Unfortunately, the world had other plans. As we are all aware, in early 2020, the face-to-face marketing industry took a hard turn and trade shows across the globe were being canceled by the second. It was officialWe were in a global pandemic. “Normal” (as we had known it) ceased to exist. OTC did not let that stop them. OTC’s clients still had needs, orders, and requests for industry education that needed fulfilled. Their drive to keep business running led them to collaborate with ECI to build a safe, virtual platform for their customers. 

The Solution

OTC offers complete welding solutions and cutting-edge robotics and technology. They are known for their wide range of high-performance products, customized services, and industry-leading support.   

At a previous event, they showcased robots with lightsabers. It doesn’t get more innovative and futuristic than that, right? As shows were shutting down, OTC made a dramatic pivot with zero hesitation. Mike Monnin, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, called upon ECI to leverage their skills and new virtual platform VExP through NEXT Lab They created their very own event within three months, equipped with live sessions, valuable resources, 1:1 meetings, chat options, and a safe space for attendees to utilize these offerings. This provided the same product on a new, creative, and innovative platform.

Due to the trade shows shutting down, OTC hosted a live virtual event using the VExP platform, from ECI’s headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. The event was created, producedand directed by ECI’s NEXTLab team in a matter of three months. OTC’s goal was to connect with their local distributors and offer a wealth of knowledge and information that would have been made available at FabTech 2020. They were able to achieve a seamless user experience, user-friendly platform, resources, valuable content for their attendees, and analytical data to track how they can improve in the future. ECI took OTC’s creative concepts and brought them to life, once again. 

The Takeaways

  • With face-to-face returning, proprietary virtual events are still useful tools in the toolbox 
  • No matter the problem, you have a partner and a myriad of solutions with ECI’s sales,creative,fabrication and NEXT Lab teams.  
  • A canceled show doesn’t equal a total loss. There are other solutions.   
  • Branch out. Take risks. Find an industry partner who works alongside you to create new solutions for any obstacle.  
  • Having a trusted partner is critical, especially in times of unrest and disruption.