Case Study:

Building a brand partnership

The Client: Nestlé Purina has been an innovative leader in the pet food industry for more than 100 years. They have been dedicated to furthering the health and nutrition of pets since their humble beginnings in 1894.

“What made Exhibit Concepts stand out in the end, was the structure itself and the vastness and the impact we felt it could take to the exhibit hall. But also, the ability to have all that technology and the ability to generate and create the things that we needed, such as the video games and the touch table, in house versus having to source it out separately.”

The Need

Nestlé Purina came to Exhibit Concepts looking for a trade show industry leader, with comprehensive capabilities, that would serve as an extension of their brand.

They needed an exhibit house that could manage everything from custom new builds to smaller portables and state-of-the-art engagements, all within a strict budget.

In addition to these specific trade show needs, they were also looking for a positive vendor relationship built on trust and responsiveness.

Simply put, they were looking for a one-stop shop that shared the same values as their iconic brand.

The Solution

Exhibit Concepts offered Nestlé Purina world-class, in-house services and peace of mind.

While facing pandemic challenges, Exhibit Concepts’ experienced team of designers, technologists and fabricators provided transparency, creative solutions, and trust throughout the process.

A new, custom-built, modular 30’x60′ booth was designed and created to serve as a state-of-the-art, trade show home for Nestlé Purina’s brand.

The design process followed a collaborative approach that allowed the client to choose their desired look and feel.

The NEXT Lab team also played a pivotal role in the project, providing several custom engagements. The team developed an interactive light display that both engaged and educated attendees on the client’s products. They also created a trivia-based game that kept real time scores of participants, providing an appealing and attractive booth. 

“We wanted to make a big, strong impact by increasing our booth space and to be able to really deliver on our overall objective which is to be the number one leader in innovation.”

The Takeaway

Exhibit Concepts offered a unique, custom trade show strategy that provided Nestlé Purina with transparent pricing, within their budget, despite the pandemic.

By understanding the client’s needs, Exhibit Concepts was also able to provide a comprehensive, in-house solution, which included seamless onboarding, award-winning craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technologies and an unparalleled level of trust and support.

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