Case Study:

Authentic Partnership

The Client: The Miami County Park District in Troy, Ohio, oversees nearly 20 park properties covering thousands of acres of land in western Ohio. For more than 50 years, the park district has worked to conserve natural resources and enrich the quality of life for residents through environmental education and stewardship.

"They were really great at using that authentic thought process and incorporating that into all of the different designs that they came up with."

The Need

In recent years, the Miami County Park District acquired more than 400 acres of a historic homestead on the outskirts of Troy. Included in the landmark acquisition was a Victorian-era home, a family cemetery, several historic barns, and a rustic cabin. The property, now known as the Lost Creek Reserve, also became the home of the Miami County Park District headquarters. However, the park district wanted to expand its offerings at the site.

With a renewed focus on the park, the Miami County Park District set out to create Heritage Hall as a multi-use facility. The facility would welcome the community for public programming, private rentals, and a variety of other capacities.

With the Heritage Hall project, the park district sought to showcase the property’s rustic history with modern amenities and conveniences for everyday use. 

"I've never had a grand opening where almost the entire team was able to come and cut that ribbon with us and feel the pride that we felt in offering this wonderful building to the community."

The Solution

Exhibit Concepts began working with the Miami County Park District shortly after the construction of Heritage Hall. The park district tasked Exhibit Concepts with helping curate the interior design and signage of the structure.

Through careful consideration and deliberation, the Exhibit Concepts team found influence in Heritage Hall’s surroundings. The 457-acre park’s rich agricultural legacy, expansive woodlands, and rolling pastures helped sculpt the final design. Drawing on the building’s use of exposed wooden beams, Exhibit Concepts created custom signage and murals to compliment the building’s sweeping and picturesque porch views.

The thoughtful design approach provided authentic styling for Heritage Hall’s rustic location and left the Miami County Park District with a property true to its 1800s roots. 

The Takeaway

Exhibit Concepts goes beyond the expected with its design process. Whether creating a trade show booth, museum gallery, classroom, or one-of-a-kind community center, the meticulous and purposeful design approach is a powerful tool in the Exhibit Concepts belt. By embracing storytelling through message-driven communication, Exhibit Concepts is able to elevate spaces into truly authentic experiential environments.

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