Case Study:

Reconfiguring Possibilities

The Client: Kellogg’s has been a household name for more than 100 years. Since its creation in 1906, the company has offered best-in-class food products across the globe. From their founding to today, the Kellogg’s Company has been committed to continuing its legacy of delivering innovative solutions to both home kitchens and commercial operations.

Kellogg’s Away from Home, which has partnered with Exhibit Concepts for more than a decade, specializes in delivering Kellogg’s legendary reputation and products to operators across a variety of sectors. From schools and universities, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, hospitality vendors, restaurants and vending operators, the Kellogg’s brand extends to nearly all walks of life. 

"It's just a great experience and I couldn't have done this show or ran it smoothly without SGK or Exhibit Concepts."

The Need

Kellogg’s Away from Home attends several shows a year and was looking to increase its impact, presence, and footprint in a cost-effective way. Already owning considerable booth property, Kellogg’s wanted to merge flexibility with engagement and creativity. Their need for versatility was required given their busy and expansive show schedule. From the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference to the National Restaurant Association Show and the Sweets and Snacks Expo, Kellogg’s audiences are as diverse as its offerings. Throughout their show calendar, nearly every one of its iconic brands is highlighted. These wide variations require thoughtful and intentional tactics. No two shows are alike.

Adding to the equation, Kellogg’s sought to collaborate with SGK Inc., their long-time marketing agency, to unify booth messaging and branding with their overall company strategy. As a recognizable global brand, Kellogg’s takes careful consideration of its presence.

"Exhibit Concepts is thoughtful about how to put together the booth, about how the space will work, and about how the traffic will flow through it."

The Solution

With an array of needs, Exhibit Concepts stepped up to the plate. Collaborating with SGK, the team proposed a modular booth approach for Kellogg’s trade show program. The innovative concept provides the best of both worlds. By pairing client-owned property with as-needed rental components, Exhibit Concepts is able to take a more affordable approach to Kellogg’s trade show program.

Starting with the design process, Exhibit Concepts is able to utilize Kellogg’s modular components to accommodate the specific needs of each show. From digital interactives to traditional engagements and expansive kitchen layouts to ample meeting spaces, the team is able to draw on a catalog of exhibitry to offer a booth space that is both message-driven and impactful.

Within the physical space, modular framing allows for ample graphic opportunities. As a result, Exhibit Concepts, in collaboration with Kellogg’s and SGK, is able to offer a wide variety of branding options to elevate the individual product lines and align with the overall objective.

Furthermore, the reconfigurability of the modular booth can be arranged to better achieve a desired traffic flow in the booth. This allows Kellogg’s to successfully target and engage with attendees. 

The Takeaway

Exhibit Concepts takes great pride in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Whether it’s one show or dozens, Exhibit Concepts strives to provide the best possible trade show solutions to clients. 
For Kellogg’s, that means joining a trusted partnership and contributing to a greater good that goes beyond a single show and works in coordination with a global marketing strategy for a legendary brand.

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