Briefing Centers

Executive Briefing Center Services

Exhibit Concepts (ECI) offers a wide array of services to support the creation of Executive Briefing Centers (EBC’s) across the USA and abroad. Our services include, but are not limited to these primary categories:

  • Interpretive Planning / Master Planning
  • Design & Creative Development
  • Custom Technology Solutions
  • Content Creation, Design, & Production
  • Graphic Design & Production
  • Architectural & Theatrical Lighting
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Engagements & Interactives
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Testimony by: Ronnie Gibson

Experience in the Briefing Center World

Exhibit Concepts (ECI) is well-established, and has been designing and fabricating experiential environments for more than forty years! For many of those years, ECI has been producing executive briefing centers for many outstanding brands. Our various team members have specific expertise in designing, consulting, and planning for EBC’s, creating unique, custom interactive engagements, project managing, and providing world-class fabrication. We understand the unique needs and specialized requirements essential to creating successful briefing center programs.

Our Approach to Briefing Centers

Exhibit Concepts (ECI) follows a process-centered approach when creating an executive briefing center. The process (see diagram below) has proven successful over the years, and helps to ensure outstanding outcomes. Certainly, it is critical that our team members have the right level of experience and knowledge as they engage with our client stakeholder teams. But, the process, directed by a senior project manager, helps everyone to stay in alignment – and ensures that best practices are followed.

Experience Model


Lobby Display Column

Video of engagement #1 in the series: NEXT Lab – A Behind the Scenes Look at Several Interactive Experiences

Flood Simulation Experience

Video of engagement #2 in the series: NEXT Lab – A Behind the Scenes Look at Several Interactive Experiences

Pump Equipment Lab

Video of engagement #3 in the series: NEXT Lab – A Behind the Scenes Look at Several Interactive Experiences

Jeff Hannah

Jeff Hannah | VP of Strategy

As a strategist, teacher, and writer at heart, Jeff has a penchant for sharing his insights with our team, clients, and the industry as a whole through blogging, podcasting, and speaking. He is a forward-thinker and is constantly charting a course to navigate the waters of change. He is also our resident student of the world, a veritable endless wealth of knowledge about cross-cultural interactions, international business, and travel. An award-winning designer and serial entrepreneur, he founded companies in several countries, gaining powerful insights throughout his career working with global organizations.

As VP of Strategy, Jeff is focused on developing visions and strategic plans to expand ECI’s current offerings, develop new ones, and refine our organizational infrastructure, culture, and processes. He also helps clients develop a comprehensive, integrated, and strategic approach to their programs. Jeff is the executive sponsor of ECI University, where he develops content and teaches our growing global team. He is also a recognized expert in the global trade show industry, and is a faculty member of the CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer) Program.

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